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Care Controls, Inc. inspection equipment is instrumental in the quality control of canned goods found on shelves of most grocery stores and markets. Companies on nearly every continent of the world utilize our machines in their canneries and processing plants. There are currently company branches in China, Philippines, India, Brazil, Central America and Europe that offer not only sales but also full time technical support.

We started as a company called dun Rite Erectors in the Chicago, Illinois area. As our work and reputation became known, customers began requesting special orders of precision conveyors to put test equipment and printers on.

The company morphs into manufacturing. The Electronic Testveyor (ET 100), a precision conveyor- the first of its kind in the world- is patented by us. From there, the company designs its own electronics for the newest machine, the Dud Detector. Cutting edge and one-of-a-kind, the Dud Detector views the bottom of cans as they pass over a sensor, kicking out the “duds” that are “detected”.

A major worldwide canned product recall prompts the design of a system that scans both the top and the bottom of the can. This helps avoid future issues such as those faced in the recall. Once again, it is the only such type of inspection equipment in the world.


As word gets out about the benefit of having such equipment in the cannery, unique requests specific to customer needs result in the introduction of portable machines, case inspection (packaging/cartons), bottles (caps), and orientation (with the advent of the two piece can).

1989 - June.
Care Controls spins off from the dun Rite Products Company, maintaining its Chicago area roots. The Canalyzer is created and, when retrofit to the Dun Rite equipment, the machines become computerized. A new version of Dud Detector is born; the CANALYZER digitizes the signal along with significantly increasing the sample rate allowing together the ability to use a large amount of readings to create a profile of the top and bottom of the can. This profile increases the accuracy on each result and makes the inspection reliable. The digital processing also allows the Canalyzer to revolutionize dud detecting with report capabilities and statistical analysis.

1990 - April.
Business has rapidly spread to the Pacific Northwest. The high demand for service from the Fishing Industry makes it evident that a move is necessary. The salmon industry standardizes on the Canalyzer for all dud detection. Care Controls moved its headquarters to the Seattle area.

The Canalyzer Jr., a smaller, more economical version of the original Canalyzer is created. This device has many of the same features as its big brother. The Canalyzer, Jr., had a name change and becomes the RAVE (Reliable, Accurate, Versatile and Easy To Use). A top only sensing Canalyzer (MT) is introduced and adapts to test bottle caps

Quantum Checkweigher, a can-specific machine able to handle the harsh environment of a canning facility is introduced. #10 can sizes are able to be run and not harm the device.

Care Controls and dun-Rite Products merges, becoming Care Controls, Inc. Headquarters remain in the Seattle area. We now offer service to both Care Controls and dun-Rite Products.

Our company moves to a larger facility, expands manufacturing and acquires CNC Mills, Lathes and other automated equipment. By now, there are worldwide applications of Care Controls machines.

Vision products are introduced. These inspection based digital vision imaging sensory machines significantly impact Care Controls’ ability to detect non-leaking defects in products that have a double seam, bottle cap or heat sealed plastic serving cup. The IVIS 360 is introduced to “see” all the container, real time in motion.

There appears to be a need for roll through label inspection; the Canalyzer RTLI is introduced. This device inspects cans for misapplied, missing, dog-eared and flapping labels. Bar code verification is also introduced as an option to this device.

A new update for the IVIS 360 double seam inspection system is created.

Vision products grow to include inspection of container ends and flanges. The empty containers are now analyzed for correct dimensions and compounds of can end seals. Additionally, a new version of the roll-through label inspection system is created and has the ability to read can code, verify UPC, verify label placement and includes an OCV (Optical Character Verification) of product code.

Another first of its kind, a magnetic system that inverts (flips) cans to print on the bottom of EZ-Open containers with a continuous inline motion—1,000 cans per minute—within a minimal amount of space improves yet another facet of canning. A precision code positioner is created for precise incremental mechanical positioning of inkjet printer heads for accurate placement of the date and variety code.

Our enhanced label inspection and OCV system is upgraded. Utilizing a customer’s UPC database allows for simple and quick setups which minimizes extra time added during product change overs while also adding another layer of protection by the correlation between the Variety Code and UPC being predefined in the system. These total turnkey inspection systems include specialty conveyors, Canalyzers and IVIS vision systems.

A new update for the IVIS 360(four cameras) double seam inspection system is implemented.
A new update for the Canalyzer RTLI label inspection system is implemented.

Touchscreen (Human Machine Interface) is introduced for Canalyzer and Quantam Checkweigher systems. Retrofits made available for older versions.

Care Controls begins a strategic partnership with Palmer Canning, who creates full craft brew filling lines.


Care Controls introduces a low cost, low speed weigh scale called a WeighStar. Suitable for bottles, cans, small packages. Designed for the craft brew industry to determine fill height of can, which can be installed on a breweries existing filling line without cutting into their conveyor.

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