Inkjet Code Verification

Character Verification:


Canalyzer OCV is a Care Controls Code Verification system. IDMax® reads even the most degraded Data Matrix codes, delivering consistently high read rates needed for part traceability. OCVMax™ provides high-speed character verification, even when the print is extremely distorted, using both image-based and printer font-based training.


Code Presence Verification:


The IVIS –Junior is a complete system that utilizes vision sensors (Cognex Checker) to make simple inspections. All necessary components are included to insure a successful installation. Has a built in vision sensor setup and feedback for easy human interaction. Appropriate alarms and output signals to control and indicate when limits have been exceeded.


Code Positioning System:


Precise placement and size of the inkjet code on container ends, of food or beverage cans, consistently, 24/7 @365 days is essential in insuring traceability in compliance with labeling laws. The precision code positioner allows easy mechanical adjustment, to center, to adjust size and to position inkjet code on a moving can. Dove tail slides employing coordinated motion, insure rigidity and repeatable performance. Adjustment of the inkjet code, “on the fly” is simple and saves time.