Label Inspection

Care controls have a wide range of accessories to provide the customer with all the tools and equipment required to ensure proper functioning of inspection machines.

Roll Thru label Inspection:


The RTLI brings an innovative approach to label inspection. This unit is designed to smoothly integrate into a line immediately after a roll through labeler. As the can rolls through the inspection area, it is tested for the presence of a label (shiner), improper glue application (flapper) and loose labels. Bar code verification and OCR verification (optical character recognition) are available through optional add-on modules.

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Upright Label Inspection:


The IVIS LV allows for label inspection and verification inline, real-time any place after a label is applied to a container. The unique design allows containers to simply pass through a gauntlet of 6 digital cameras. The label is interrogated for proper application and verified by its barcode. OCR verification (optical character recognition) is available through an optional add-on module.

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