Orientation Inspection


Orientation is required on containers for label application, key (meat) application, proper inkjet printing and numerous other applications. The orientator is required to identify a specific characteristic of a container and sort them or organize them or reposition them. We employ digital vision to identify the required characteristics and custom mechanisms and conveyors to perform the required action.


  • High Speed up to 1200 cpm
  • Inline conveyor designs
  • Adjustable for multiple container sizes
  • Inexpensive utility requirements for low cost of operation


  • EZO—easy open
  • Inkjet product code
  • Necked in containers
  • 2 pc containers
  • Lithography
  • Square containers
  • Key insertion on tabs
  • Inverted


  • Crate-less retorts.
  • Key application on meat cans
  • Automatic packaging machines
  • Label application
  • Best Buy application


Operating Speed 1200 Inspections per min max
Power Requirements 100-250 VAC isolated incoming power
Spacing Requirements Zero backline pressure from containers.
Display LCD Color touch display for general control and separate for sensor visual feedback and control.
Operating Conditions Stable Ambient Temperature: 32º to 122º F (0º - 50º C)
Communications Standard line control discrete I/O
Extended I/O available for results, status and line control
Enclosure Nema 12 std (Nema 4, IP 65 optional)
Construction Stainless steel, engineered plastics, painted steel and anodized aluminium (Durable construction for the food and beverage industries)