Precision Code Positioner


Precise placement and size of the inkjet code on container ends, of food or beverage cans, consistently, 24/7 @365 days is essential in insuring traceability in compliance with labeling laws. The precision code positioner allows easy mechanical adjustment, to center, to adjust size and to position inkjet code on a moving can. Dove tail slides employing coordinated motion, insure rigidity and repeatable performance. Adjustment of the inkjet code, “on the fly” is simple and saves time.


  • Installation on a wide variety of conveyors
  • Quick and easy can size changeovers
  • Integrated trigger sensor guide rail bracket
  • Easy removal of printing head for clean up
  • Wet or dry environment configurations
  • Macro/micro dovetail slide adjustments for distance of printer head to the container end
  • Micro dovetail slide adjustment for code placement up or downstream on the container end
  • Centring coordinated guide rail adjustment to insure container is properly positioned and the trigger sensor is correctly activated


  • Automotive
  • Packaging
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food Processing
  • Cosmetics
  • Aerosols
  • Textiles
  • Manufacturing


  • Missing parts in an assembly
  • Missing identification tags
  • Proper glue application
  • Simple measurements height/width/diameter
  • Part orientation
  • Proper assembly
  • Part Detection
  • Part Features
  • Verify presence


Printer arrangements Image or Videojet (custom available on request)
Can Sizes 202 thru 603 diameter, up to 7 inches tall
OperatingConditions Stable Ambient Temperature: 32º to 122º F (0º - 50ºC)
Trigger sensorbracket Available for either proximity or photo eye
Construction Hard anodized Aluminium (non wash-down units) and Stainless Steel for wash-down applications.