Sardine-Irregular Shape Cans


Care Controls Inc. has modified our double seam inspection system to incorporate irregularly shaped cans. We have experience with sardine and other canned seafood products that use these shape cans. We are able to view all the way around the double seam with overlapping camera views to insure proper inspection. We also manufacture an orientation inspection unit that can help the proper marking/labeling of these irregular shaped cans.


IVIS 360: This double seam inspection unit inspections all the way around the cans seam inspecting it for defects. Depending on what type of defects our customers want to check for, as well as the magnitude of each defect, the thresholds/limits can be fine tuned to accomodate. Please click here for more information: IVIS 360-Double Seam Inspection.

Orientation Inspection: Orientation is required on containers for label application, key application, proper inkjet printing, and numerous other applications. This unit is required to identify a specific characteristic of a container and sort, organize, or reposition them. Please click here for more information: Orientation Inspection.