Seam Sampler


We know every 4 hours at a minimum, samples must be drawn from each seaming head so the double seam can be evaluated. This process of stopping the line, staging the cans so you know which can is from which head requires 2 to 5 minutes worth of time , twice a shift. Depending on the speed of the production line, 1000's of cans of lost production are incurred each day. Carrying that lost production to the week and then the year, millions of cans would not be created by this simple act of gathering samples. That's millions of cans per seamer. Printable Seam Sampler Brochure
Printable Seam Sampler Brochure Spanish Translation

Seam Sampler Components

Seam Sampler Payback

The seam sampler allows the QC person to gather these samples, quickly and simply without stopping the production line. The sample cans gathered are produced real time as if they were picked from the production line at full production speeds. These cans at full speed , full of product, best represent seams produced by the seamer.


A BCD magnetic identifier is mounted on the double-seamer in close proximity to each seaming head. These identifiers insure the Seam Sampler always knows the exact location of each seamer head. These identifiers are sealed and wireless.

A proximity sensor is mounted near the exit of the double-seamer that “sees” if a can is in any particular seaming head.

This combination of knowing the exact location of the seamer head and if there is a can present insures accuracy in sampling.


A waterproof touchscreen is provided. The operator simply selects the amount of cans required from each seamer head, selects the head, and activates the ejector. The cans for that seamer head are ejected into a stainless steel bin. The cans can be marked and removed. The eject system, eject bin and sensors are all included.

A sequential eject selection button on the touchscreen allows the operator to get cans from each head in order (one head at a time). This simplifies the process of getting a full sample from the seamer.


A typical installation/commission/training requires approx. 8 hours.


  1. Can Presence Sensor(proximity)
  2. Magnetic seamer head identifiers
  3. Control enclosure( touchscreen HMI)
  4. Ejector( mounting bracket, pneumatic valve, air regulator)
  5. Eject Bin( eject verification and backup sensor)

Utilities: 110/220 VAC, 5 amp, 40 psi, 3 scfm (1/4 polyline supply)