The traveling can is transferred from the existing can line onto precision transporting chains, where it is stabilized and positioned. This provides a stable platform for Inkjet printers and other devices that require consistent positioning and speed control. Independently controlling the speed can create can separation. Time delayed stopping can make sure there are no cans sitting in front of the coders or other devices. Testveyor 2013 Brochure


  • Installation on cable lines without cutting the cable
  • Adaptable to 2060 double pitch chains
  • Quick and easy can size changeovers
  • Precision integrated variable speed conveyor
  • Easy to install and use
  • Wet or dry environment configurations
  • Conveyor extensions available in several styles and lengths
  • Mounting holes pre-configured for Care Controls precision code positioner (PCP) for Imaje or Videojet inkjet coders
  • Integral can-stops or star-wheel spacing devices available


Operating Speed 400 feet per minute chain speed (depending on application)
Power Requirements 240 VAC single/three-phase or 480 VAC three-phase for motor VFD)
Operating Conditions Stable ambient temperature: 32 degrees to 122 degrees F (0-50 degrees C)
Dimensions 76 inches long, 16 inches wide (custom lengths available upon request)
Construction Aluminum (non-wash-down units) Stainless steel and engineered plastics for wash-down applications. Mountable from overhead or from the floor (32 +/- 2 inches standard, custom available).